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How It Works

Store Credit and Consignment Policy


We offer immediate store credit for gently used clothes (maternity, children, juniors), toys, shoes, and accessories. Store credit is given at up to 50% of the selling price (depending on condition and demand). When you shop you use your credit towards 50% of your total purchase (You pay 1/2 and 1/2 comes from your store credit). Store credit is good towards all resale items. Store credit may be transferred, but not cashed out.

Certain items (strollers, swings, carriers, bouncers ect.) may be taken in on a consignment basis. You can choose either 50% of selling price in store credit or 40% of selling price in the form of a check. We'll automatically give you store credit after item sells, unless you specify you prefer a check. No appointment is needed for bringing in your items. Please limit drop offs to one storage tub or two paper grocery bags. 

Please feel free to call the store with any questions 530-887-5437.

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